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If approached with intention the holidays can be your means to achieve your purpose and shift your energy toward the things you truly care about. This kind of action can help you find some true solace in the way you approach your time with family and friends. It can all start with the idea behind the gifts you give. This year, instead of buying a year’s-worth supply of ferrero rocher, the latest kitchen gadget or a reindeer onesie, spend your cash on a few gifts that are practical but also serve your purpose. There are so many meaningful foundations that you can purchase from, donate to or volunteer with. We’ve compiled a list of mindful gifts that come with a deeper sense of community, of charity and of personal agency.

For your best friend: A Gold filled U-Drop Necklace

A beautiful piece of jewellery is a timeless keepsake that your bff can cherish forever. This one is unique enough for your right hand lady and bonus: it’s made with love in Honduras. Tribe Alive is a fair trade commerce platform that ensures small artisan businesses can be part of a larger economy that covers human cost. Lean more here.

For your mom: A silk scarf by Obakki

When you purchase this scarf, 100% of net proceeds go to ensuring clean and fresh water for the village of Aduer in South Sudan. The scarf is a modal blend and perfect for any occasion. What mother wouldn’t want cozy and chic? Read more about Obakki’s mission here.

For your dad: The Adventure Awaits Gift Box

All great adventures start with coffee. This box comes with a ceramic stoneware mug, Canoe whole beans coffee, a top grade cowhide leather bound writing journal, gourmet trail mix and an Ames and Oates keepsake box. Encourage your #1 guy to start a new adventure with a social conscious. 10% of the profits from this box go to providing children with access to quality education through Ames and Oates partnership with Pencils for Promise. Learn more here.

For your niece or nephew: A wildlife adoption with the World Wildlife Foundation

Help wildlife and specifically the kinds right at home with a wildlife adoption through WWF. My suggestion is the Sockeye Salmon. Funds received help ensure their migration to natal freshwater. Spend $25 to $100 protecting wild salmon through a donation gift box that includes photos, plush toy and peace of mind.

For your significant other: The Zebra wood Satellite Bluetooth Speaker

Give the gift of sound. With every purchase of this bluetooth speaker, LSTN Sound Cloud donates a pair of hearing aids to someone in need. Talk about easy listening. The perfect gift for your special someone so you can enjoy a good tune together. Learn more about LSTN’s purpose here.

For your pet: A Natural Rope Leash by Found my Animal

These beautiful leashes are made in the U.S. and built to last. The best part? A portion of the proceeds are donated to helping abandoned pets find a new home. Read more about their mission here.

For the office gift exchange: A Secret Santa Toy Drive

Have everyone purchase a toy they feel like their assigned person would have enjoyed when they were younger. Then, have everyone guess who their secret santa was based on the gift they received. Afterwards, donate the toys to a local toy drive and cheers to giving back as a team.

Alternatively, you can make a donation in the name of a good friend or even yourself to a cause whose mission aligns with your values. Find the issues that matter most to you and make them a priority. Here are a few that we can definitely get behind:

Prioritizing women’s Health Care:

A cleaner Environment:

Sustainable design:

Think global, buy local:

Supporting single parents:

Not everything during the holidays can be as relaxing as sipping a candy cane hot chocolate while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, but what’s more heart-warming than a thoughtful gift that matters? What are some of the causes you care about? Share them with us in the comments section.



Emma Nelson
Emma Nelson

I am a freelance writer and a community developer based in Vancouver. I’ve written web articles, brand copy and ad campaigns but creative writing feels like a sort of homecoming. Experiencing the ins and outs of self care, health, wellness and spirituality and having the opportunity to write about my experience is a great pleasure – especially when done with eucalyptus oil.

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