Blemish Spot Remedy

There are hundreds of DIY blemish treatments you can find on the internet, but non have been as effective as what we have seen with these three simple ingredients.  Coconut oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil.  Simply mix them in the proportions we’ve shown below and you will have an effective, simple and completely natural spot treatment for breakouts. So why does it work?

  1. Coconut Oil is beneficial for blemishes and blemish prone skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actions.  It melts at skin temperature and this helps it to penetrate into the pores where the oil kills germs and bacteria, neutralizes inflammation.  
  2. Tea Tree Essential Oil Astringent and kills bacteria. Tea Tree essential oil is a powerful astringent and when combined with the benefit of coconut oil it helps get Tea Tree essential oil’s astringent properties are able to get deep into the pores.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil  calms redness and decreases redness and irritation caused by blemishes.


Blemish Spot Remedy

Step 1 

Add one teaspoon of coconut oil into a small bowl

Step 2 

Add 4 drops of tea tree essential oil, and 4 drop of lavender essential oil to the coconut oil.  Mix ingredients together and apply directly onto any blemishes before bed.

Coconut oil and combined with a lesser amount of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil in can also be used as a natural face wash for skin with acne or blemish prone skin as it has regenerating and clarifying properties that help to decrease redness while treating the bacteria causing breakouts.  To use as a facial wash, we recommend massaging a 1 or 2 tps into the face and neck and then using a warm damp facecloth to remove all the residue (not splashing the face with water will not be enough to remove) a cloth is necessary and also make sure all the oils is removed from the face.

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