DIY Multipurpose Spray

Making my own multi-purpose spray is one of my favourite ways to use our Vitruvi essential oils.  Each Saturday morning I make a different version of this countertop spray for my kitchen. I change the scent and blend seasonally or whenever I want a fun reason to freshen up my house. This has really become a Saturday ritual for me and something I look forward to in starting the weekend fresh. It doesn’t need to be complicated or over thought and I just re-use the same multi-purpose spray container each week (and sometimes don’t even rinse it out before blending my new spray!).

This past week my multi-purpose week was the following:

What you’ll need:

  • Essential oils of your choosing (the recipe above is our current favourite)
  • Medium Sized  spray container (we buy ours from the Soap Dispensary in Vancouver)
  • 1 tablespoon of white Vinegar

Step One: Fill your spray bottle up with water ( we usually leave about two inches from the top)

Step Two: Add one Tablespoon of white vinegar

Step Three: Add your essential oils ( we like to use 45-60 drops of essential oils).

Screw the top to your spray bottle back on and you are ready to go! Use this to wipe down your counter, stove, fridge or anywhere you want to freshen up like the surface of your cupboard or for disinfecting light switches during cold and flu season.


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Sara Panton
Sara Panton

I created VITRUVI with my brother Sean and for the past three years we've spent a significant portion of everyday surrounded by things that smell pretty awesome. Most of my posts are written late in the evening from my bathtub after working long hours with the crazy awesome team at VITRUVI. Also... you can always find Geranium essential oil and Balance Roll on in my bag :)

    1. You just made our day! We love sharing how-to guides about simple, easy and affordable ways to make your own products and live a little more naturally 🙂

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