Vitruvi Muse: Erin Treloar, founder of RAW Beauty Talks

Erin Treloar

Vancouver, B.C.

Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Doer and Mother

Erin is dreamer, doer, Pilates enthusiast and most importantly mother.  She is the Founder of RAW Beauty Talks, a non-profit organization promoting the mental and physical health of girls through self-esteem building educational sessions, public events, and media campaigns. Erin has interviewed over two hundred women from across North America including Olympic gold-medalist, Jamie Anderson and Grammy award-winning artist, Colbie Caillat for a special series that explores what beauty, confidence and self-love mean today. Erin also works closely with her family’s business, Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic, with whom she started one of the first clinical pilates studios in BC. Her latest and greatest role is that of mom (aka. diaper changing, baby food making, stroller gang member!)

What are your morning rituals?

My day begins a lot slower than it used to now that I’m a mom. I start every day by giving James a sleepy feed and cuddles in bed.  It’s heaven.  Then I pretty religiously sip hot water with fresh ginger and lemon and a super smoothie packed with greens, Pure Food vitamins, flax and Vega protein so that no matter what the day brings I’ve done something positive for my body.  There is also always JJ Bean coffee in the morning.  I’d be a horrible person without it.

What was the first thing you thought about this morning?  

James. I wake up to him chatting with his stuffies in his crib. Cutest!

Where do you get your inspiration? Any favorite blogs / magazines / books / websites?

My friends first and foremost.  I am so lucky to have the most incredibly creative, talented and smart women in my life.  They’re all badass in their own special way so I learn different things from each of them.

I also love browsing coffee table books at Indigo with a big latte and I find a lot of inspiration on design blogs like Amber Interiors and Emily Henderson and of course Instagram.  I’m just careful to follow pages that INSPIRE me and don’t give me those awful “not enough” feelings.  Watch out for those pages (see quote below!!), they’ll suck the life out of you.

What can you not live without? 

My husband, James, chocolate before bed, blank white pages for brainstorming and chips (I’m a chipoholic)

If you were an essential oil, what scent would you be?  

Vanilla. 100%.

Favourite Quote?                                  “Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become actions; watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become character; watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”Frank Outlaw

What’s your latest awkward moment?

Three days ago I was checking my phone and brushing my teeth and I walked into a sliding glass door so hard that I punctured a hole in the back of my mouth.  I was laughing because it was so dumb and crying at the same time which was awkward in its self. It still feels like I have strep throat when I swallow.  iPhones are dangerous.

My husband chimes in….”You have more awkward moments than anyone I know.” Awesome.

Do you have a signature dish? If so, what is it?

Wild BBQ salmon and my dad’s kale salad.  Or Mediterranean pasta!

 What are you most excited about right now?

I have another business brewing and it’s definitely got me high on life. This ones focused on mamas.  Stay tuned…

 What is your advice for other entrepreneurs? 

Know your strengths. Find people to help you with your weaknesses.  You can’t be expected to be the best at everything but you can build a team of the best.  I also think we need to stop trying to be perfect. Perfection kills creativity, possibility and productivity. Three of the most important ingredients in building a business.

How do you stay healthy? 

For the first few months after having James I kind of forgot about my own health.  I wasn’t sleeping (standard for new moms), I was eating anything that was quick and easy but not necessarily the most nutritious (hello muffins for every meal) and I wasn’t taking time to exercise.  Now that he’s nine months I’m starting to get back on track and have put some things in place to ensure my health doesn’t come last.

I’m eating healthier, I do Pilates once a week and try to get to the gym or out for a run once a week too.

Last but not least, I set aside creative time once a week where I get to work on my businesses.  This is so important for me because it truly energizes me and feeds my soul.  It’s always hard to leave James but it makes me appreciate family time that much more.

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