Diffuser Cocktail : Palm Springs Baby

You walk up the white tile steps and past the two palm trees and two cacti lining the entrance to the resort. A sweet smell of Tangerine and cool tone of Eucalyptus give the custom scent of the resort that feeling of relaxation and the oasis you need.
A scent experience designed in the dessert for those times that a trip to Palm Springs wont fit into your weekend plans. We created a fun and refreshing blend that helps put the tropical resort feel into your day. Now put on your caftan dress, the biggest sunglasses you can find and strut around your house like the Hollywood legend you are.



6 drops Eucalyptus

3 drops Tangerine

5 drops Pink Grapefruit

2 drops Lemon

2 drops Peppermint  




Sourced from ___ our eucalyptus oil brings a fresh herbal quality that brings the resort feel to any room. Eucalyptus has been shown to help promote deep breathing which results in a clear and grounded breath and relaxation to get that oasis feeling wherever you are.

Pink Grapefruit


Pink Grapefruit, like the splash of juice added to any good summer drink is a necessary component of this blend. Grapefruit oil is extracted from the rind of pink grapefruits and has natural antiseptic qualities that make it a beautiful way to cleanse the air especially during summer months or when you need a little state of summer in the winter. Pink grapefruit juice was a favourite of our grandmother and the scent of the rind still reminds me childhood summers.



Cooling and invigorating, the scent of peppermint helps with digestion and bring an alertness to any space it is in. The touch of peppermint in this blend helps to create that cool and refreshing feeling of your toes in the pool on a hot day.


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