Harmonize Your Home with Fall Feng Shui

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a space that takes your breath away?

Maybe it’s an interior designer’s office or your best friend’s cabin or a new apartment on the market – there’s a je ne sais quois that makes you feel instantly at ease. You could sit for hours in this space enjoying every moment. There’s lightness, there’s balance and most of all it just feels so damn good.

So what’s the secret?

Get to know the art of feng shui – intimately.

An an ancient Chinese art of spatial arrangement, feng shui embodies the idea that everything has its own energy. This energy is called chi and it is a living-breathing-unseeable force moving in ebbs and flows around us. We have our own personal chi that mixes with the energy of other people and objects, keeping us all intertwined.

Align your living space, align your goals, align your mind. It’s all connected.

The goal of feng shui is to attract strong positive chi and have it flow freely throughout yourself and your space. But when the energy is unsettled around you, stuff starts to go a little haywire.

Think: exhaustion, health problems, loss of direction, insecurities and all-around confusion about the world.

We feel you. Life happens.

The best part? When you take action to change your chi, you’ll feel the effects immediately. And it’s so much more than just rearranging your furniture – it’s a full-on energy cleanse and realignment of yourself with your home.

Here are three steps to start applying feng shui to your living space to create balance, productivity and peace of mind.

Step one: get rid of that bad energy

There are four types of chi to avoid: negative, stagnant, fast-flowing and cutting. Lay low on anything synthetic (fibres, building materials, even AC), add light to dark corners, clean up clutter and place plants along corners to soften any sharp edges.


Step two: it’s all about the elements

Feng shui divides the world into five elements. Balance these throughout your home to bring stable energy and good chi – focus on the one that speaks most to you depending on season and location.

  • Wood brings vitality and natural growth. Choose hardwood floors and a wooden bed frame or desk, and incorporate houseplants, tree branches and earth tones in brown and green.


  • Fire ignites passion and stirs up creativity. Build a fireplace or fill your space with clusters of candles, and use bright colours like red, orange, or yellow.


  • Earth provides knowledge and stability. Invest in a himalayan salt lamp and decorate your space with stones, crystals and grounding tones like beige and taupe.


  • Metal brings clarity and mental strength. Decorate with ornate vases, candlesticks and picture frames, and use colours of silver, charcoal gray and black.


  • Water creates wealth and wisdom. Incorporate mirrors throughout your home (although keep them out of the bedroom) and get those essential oils into the air with a White Stone Porcelain diffuser.


Step three: understand the bagua map

This is by far one of the most satisfying pieces of the feng shui puzzle. Apply the Western version of the bagua map to the floorplan of your home – it’s a directional diagram that you can use to see where positive energy changes need to happen.

Each of the nine squares corresponds to a different area of your home and life. Hot tip: the front door always lines up with the bottom edge. Correspond the map with the layout of your space and analyze from there. The ninth square is considered the heart of your home, which energetically links to all the other bagua squares (so make that section ooze with good vibes).

And remember…

The art of feng shui has so many parts and there is always more to learn. It’s not just eliminating clutter or rearranging your furniture – by understanding the flow of energy you can finally come home from your busy life to a cleansing, nourishing space. Yes, please.


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